Visiting Coffin Hill

Cover image of Coffin Hill #1: A lady with ravens on herI’ve literally just finished the first issue of Caitlin Kittredge‘s Coffin Hill and it is a great debut.

Eve Coffin is the daughter of an wealthy, established old family in New England. She is also the latest in a line of witches. After a catastrophic evening, leaving one friend insane and another missing, she leaves the family home and money and makes her own way in the world. Forced to return after being shot, she has to face the darkness in the forest.

There are elements, such as the punk look, the old family and so on that are hackneyed. Kittredge takes the elements and gives them a very human element. Eve looks like she is going to become an interesting character, torn between the needs of having her own life but also the responsibilities of what and who she is. As a teenager, the world is fissile given the possible choices.

It does, to be fair, have a touch of the Weird with the darkness in the woods but it appears to have the potential for echoing an early Poppy Brite (now Billy Martin) in starting as a pop culture lite but turning into something more substantial.

Inaki Miranda‘s art, last seen by me in the wonderful Lauren Beukes’ Fairest run (issues 8-13), completes the story and really accentuates the writing.

Worth watching out for or getting them as they come out.

She has posted the back story to creating Coffin Hill on her blog.

Update: correction to spelling mistake

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