One more bite – Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood DVD

I’ve just finished watching Catherine Hardwicke‘s Red Riding Hood (DVD, 2011) which was interesting. I wasn’t expecting great things along the lines of Company of Wolves (DVD) and to that extent, I really wasn’t surprised.

Hardwicke does reflect on the original tale with the wolf being her true love and her father being the wolf. His selfishness of trying to turn her into a wolf effectively damns him. I do wonder if the playing with the priest was a dig at the evangelism of the Twilight films and its underlying message. Rather than being a tortured person, denying her own desires, Amanda Seyfried‘s Valerie becomes far more aware of the wolf and its meaning.

It might have been more interesting if Hardwicke had followed the line that the grandmother might have been the wolf, or even if Valerie has turned into one. It did not quite go over the top but it was entertaining enough. It does try to break the recent mould towards conservative values but is still caught up in itself and might have been braver.

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