Patrick Ness’s Monsters in the light

Nicolette Jones interviewed Patrick Ness for the Independent yesterday, Friday 24th June. I’ve yet to read Monsters and Men, or the other books in the series though they are now high on the list. What impressed me about it is his belief in literature and narrative being something that the consumer can read and find their own meaning or answer to an issue. It reminds me of William Mayne’s A Game of Dark where the protagonist sees himself asĀ  a fearless warrior in a fantasy world whilst his father dies.

His parting comment:

And teenagers, if you respect them, will follow you a lot further than adults will, without fear of being a genre that they may not like or have been told not to like. They just want a story

feels like a cliche now. That is has to be repeated (and whilst I love reading certain newspapers for the book reviews, they are guilty of this) is a shame but I don’t ever see it changing.

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