At the end of Greek Street

The wonderful Greek Street has come to an end after 16 issues with a bang. Milligan has done a cracking job on updating the Greek tragedies and getting to their hearts.

I’ve read some of the classics at school and also started rereading the Oxford World’s Classics edition of Aeschylus’s Tragedies but Milligan has really made the area come alive with a knowing wink in the final frames.

At times the short series is bleak but with the tragedy is wonderful comedy, reminding  the modern reader that there are both sides to drama. It also brings Classical drama alive in a way that is fairly rare. There is a constant sense of modernity and ancient history, echoes of each in the other.

This is a series that I am going to look forward to re-reading and also writing more posts about once I’ve read enough of the Classics to realy get into it.

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