Catching up – Guy Gavriel Kay and Terry Pratchett

Having a bit of a catch up. I’ve been reading Guy Gavriel Kay‘s Ysabel which I’ve had on my shelf since publication. I’m not sure why I’ve waited so long as I’ve pretty much gulped down previous novels.

It is a departure for Kay in that rather than bringing the reader into a secondary world, the historical world intrudes into the real one. It feels slight at one level and I think marked an attempt to do something very different. It makes me want to get Under Heaven and read it in less than 2 years, though I would suspect that it would be a very different experience.

Having just watched the DVD of Going Postal, I started Terry Pratchett‘s Making Money, the second book featuring Moist von Lipwig. More wry than laugh out loud (well until Mr Fusspot stole the sex toy), there are nice little hooks and thoughtful explorations of the banking industry. I did enjoy the riffing of Newton’s taking over of the Royal Mint and trying to make the coinage valuable again.

As both Gibson’s Zero History and Pratchett’s I Shall Wear Midnight come out next week (and the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes), I’ve got a little re-reading to do.  Currently reading Gibson’s Pattern Recognition.

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