Going through the wash – Charles Stross’s Fuller Memorandum

It has been a while since I followed Charles Stross‘s Laundry Novels but I recently read The Fuller Memorandum which has made me want to re-read the Jennifer Morgue and Atrocity Archives.

It is a slightly less madcap romp through the Laundry with the inevitable end of the world – but which world is ending? Bob finds himself investigating and digging through the Laundry’s past to figure out what the Fuller Memorandum is and how it might affect the Laundry, Meanwhile, Mo is sent on rough assignment to Amsterdam and the following fall out plays on their marriage. Bob finds that the end of the world is being called in London and he has a wonderfully dark skit on the cult initiates and their unthinking beliefs.

The novel reads as a nice sorbet after the noir of Vandermeer’s Finch or panorama of Tim Power’s Declare. Stross has fun with the horror and spy potentials of horror and spy fiction.

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