Weeknotes: Seeing Alice flashforward

It has mainly been a visual sort of week. I saw the FlashForward finale which I’m sure was thought of as “in which we seriously screw the pooch”. What might have been an interesting high concept series musing on multiple futures / possibilities descended into a mere pedestrian conspiracy yawn. It really doesn’t surprise me to discover that it wasn’t renewed. I am however looking forward to Goyer‘s work on the next Batman and Superman films as a writer with Christopher Nolan.

Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland popped through my letter box and pretty much straight into the DVD player. I know it had some mixed reviews regarding the story (as Burton’s films seem to do anyhow) but to be honest who watches a Burton movie from the story? They’ve struck me as more tableaux vivants, a series of beautiful set pieces of visual designs. I have to confess that I did enjoy the tieing in of the Hunting of the Snark which can be read as an intriguing meditation on the nature of the Quest.

It was sad to read the obituaries of Martin Gardner (Guardian, Independent) , editor of the Annotated Alice and Annotated Hunting of the Snark. He really gets under the skin of both books and finds interesting things that repay the reader’s attention and time in disappearing into the ether to chase.

I’m still reading Philip Reeve’s A Darkling Plain and trekking on with a rewrite of the book. (I might actually get some more done if I stop coding forĀ  a week or two.)

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