Paper cuts under the arches

Photograph of Minnie Weisz paper dress

Dress made of cut out paper

I was going to write this as part of longer piece having spent yesterday walking around London but hey, why wait… I was in London yesterday to meet an agent to talk over the current state of my book project (needs a rewrite to smooth out the style which has changed a little in seven years of writing and research) and to talk about the next book, a projected sniff around the “new” movements from 1997 onwards, which seems to have some interest around it.

Anyhow, having walked through some of my old haunts (the Intrepid Fox on Dean Street, Gossips on Meard Street) but Soho has been well and truly cleaned up. Partially I wanted to explore places I frequented before going to Slimelight (I even found the Purple Turtle bar on Parkway that I last went to around13 years ago) and clubbing all night but also for the beginnings of a small project on Peter Milligan’s Greek Street comics. I then needed to go up to Camden (with its industrial scale/number clone Goth shops) and took a misguided tour and discovered the Minnie Weisz studio just around the corner from the British Library.

This dress, made up of cut up pieces of paper folded or stitch together caught my eye in the window. Unfortunately the studio was closed but I had to take a photograph (sorry I’m not a great photographer – must take more photos) of it. It reminds me of China Miéville’s character made of writing, the written body, in the enormously fun UnLunDun. I have no idea whether Ms Weisz has read the book but the artefact really intrigued me.

Just thought I’d share…

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