Le Guin interviewed by Oregon Live

A list I’m on had a link to this interview with Ursula le Guin on the Oregon Live website. Le Guin talks about the Google books settlement which she calls the “Google books grab” but the thing which shocked me was:

“There seems to be nothing to follow at this point except poetry … I do not seem to have a story to tell, which is very disappointing and upsetting to me because I love to write and I know how to do it.”

She, and I suspect other people, hope that it isn’t permanent but she appears to be busy with other things. One of ther questions raised is the idea of sf and writing fiction of “now” and the genres melding and perhaps the genre becoming less fun. I’m reminded of somethng that John Clute said to me about sf being the only genre which can deal with the new century / millennium. I need to dig out the reference but it is certainly one that requires thought and another blog post entirely. Le Guin does say though that:

I’ve never written about the future. I don’t know anything about the future. The future, as Milan Kundera said, is a big blank bore. We don’t know what it is.

It is certainly true of the sf (and perhaps fantasy) that I’ve (re-)read and love. Most sf fans know and appreciate this though and it is those from outside who appear to have an issue with this.

Anyhow the interview is an interesting read.

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