A fix of Fix – Naming of the Beasts by Mike Carey

Earlier this year, I picked up Thicker than Water by Mike Carey as I finally made time to catch up on my Felix Castor kick. I had a feeling that there was a certain amount of Carey getting Castor to being dealing with his past which he continually runs from and in The Naming of the Beasts, he finally does that.

After the White City riots, Asmodeus is running around London beginning to take his revenge on Castor for tying him into Rafi’s body. Meanwhile, Castor is drinking rather than doing anything positive. When Rafi’s former girlfriend is found crucified, he is called in by Coldwood to try to solve the crime.

Juliet, the succubus who fell in love with a priest, is acting strangely and increasingly violently. Castor takes Susan under his wing and hides her with Pen, his landlady. As he does so, he joins forces with Jenna-Jane and takes advantage of her resources. In doing so, he calls in some serious favours from friends, testing normally fragile boundaries to the limit. He is still out of his depth and has to unravel the puzzle of the names before getting both narratives to join together again.

The city of London becomes more than a backdrop in this book. Moving from the search for the self in time, Carey delves into the fairly well trodden framework of London (including the abandoned Tube lines) as well as the Castor universe. He articulates a city of haves and have-nots, completing the ark started in Thicker than Water.

I get the sense that the universe has come to a natural halt. The existing locations and relationships have been transformed and there are so many endings here and possible beginnings. I need my fix of Fix though so I’m hoping that there are more books to come.

Mike Carey interview

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