Watch your step on Greek Street

I approached the Greek Street series by Peter Milligan a little warily but it seems to fit into an emerging patterns about comics doing meta-fiction and musing on the recurrence of narratives, what with Mike Carey’s The Unwritten as well.

Eddy picks up a stripper and has sex with her, not realising that she is his mother. He brains pushes her away and accidentally kills her but death doesn’t keep a good person down. Mischa, another stripper, is picked up by her a friend of her boyfriend and murdered. Meanwhile Lord Menon‘s daughter, Sandy, sees the future but is ignored. The street’s fate is protected by its guardians who look over the action, appearing in some of the more interesting scenes. In the background the Fureys are trying to avoid getting into too many issues with the snakeheads (?Medusa).

Milligan sets up some interesting threads and there is a definite sense of a a Soho that isn’t entirely there any more. It sort of remind me of Carey’s work or Si Spencer’s The Vinyl Underground which reflected the Blakean city. There is something refreshing about trying to go back further than Blake and the city finds itself paced into a wider context of Story.

Standard Attrition interview with Peter Milligan

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