Opening the closet – was Tintin gay?

From the department of overreaching readings comes an article by Hugh Rifkind in the Times titled “Of Course Tintin’s gay. Ask Snowy” which trots out some ‘evidence’ that he was gay. It is sloppy writing and research by somebody either having a bit of a giggle or simply wanting to add in some controversy to Tintin’s 80th this weekend.

There is a homosociality that runs with Tintin and Haddock especially and his various friends, but this is more friendship and I very much doubt a sign of closeted sexuality. The lack of any context or real social argument to support this is disturbing.

His closing paragraphs looking at whether the Famous Five contained lesbians, CS Lewis as white supremacist and whether Dylan was a stoner are probably as much use a wet fish on a wet weekend in the pooring rain on Britian’s coastline.

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