Twilight on the world

Terrence Rafferty in the New York Times has an article on the forthcoming film of Twilight (Twilight movie site with trailer).  As he ends:

“What that means, maybe, is that the world of “Twilight” is one where incoming calls from the real world can rarely be heard with any clarity in a fantasy universe of perpetual neither-here-nor-thereness. Sort of like adolescence itself, only touched up for maximum (devastating, inhuman) desirability. It’s a place on which the sun never has to set, where the bedtime story never has to end — and that’s what its fans like best about it.”

I’ve read the Twilight books (apart from Breaking Dawn) and I have to question the motive for writing them. They set up a world in which the female wants the vampire yet always abstains and I wonder if that misrepresents both vampires and teen sexuality. When I was a teenager, this wouldn’t have worked for me as I was happily reading Interview with the Vampire (which I maintain is a fine novel of faith) and Lost Souls amongst other genre novels. Both novels have their romantic side (Rice’s homoeroticism hides the savage side to Claudia and her inevitable fate whilst Brite is romantic about Zilla and his world) but there is a recognisable world underneath them.

It bothers me but I think that’s post for another time.

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