One small village: Asterix’s village

One thing  that has puzzled me for ages is the opening of the Asterix books. In each on there is  a paragraph about the only Gaulish village being surrounded by four Roman camps. Is this an exaggeration of the Resistance or part of general French culture.

Reading the post war literature chapter in Kay, Cave and Bowie’s A Short History of French Literature, they suggest that “legacies of the Resistance are to be seen at all levels in modern French literature” (French Literature, p 279). This would explain the insistence (and distinct lack of other resistance in the books – consider the collaboration with the Romans in Asterix and the Golden Sickle).

It would seem that Asterix does do some rewriting of recent history and emphasises the resistance, rewriting the effects of the war upon the populace.

A Short History of French Literature, Sarah Kay, Terence Cave, Macolm Bowie (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003)


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