No more Northern Lights films yet?

The Independent is running a story which casts doubts on the films of the Northern Lights trilogy currently being finished due to Christian protests which affected box office takings in the US.

Whilst part of me is curious about the takings affecting future plans, I wonder if it is the subject matter of the books, Chris Weitz and Philip Pullman’s own outspokenness on the perils of dogma and a studio (New Line having been taken over by Warner Brothers) being scared of the various Christian factions. If the latter, then I wonder if it is time for remembering that we are in the post-Enlightenment age and not run in fear of challenging authorities such as religion and such a science – as Pullman clearly does in the first book. It is easy, and it appears usually is so, to forget that Pullman challenges both side’s authoritarian behaviours.

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