The Lion, the Witch and the Domain Name: CS Lewis Ltd takes on family for .mobi

The Guardian has a short piece on the CS Lewis literary estate, CS Lewis Ltd, who have sent the Saville-Smith family a 128 page legal dossier over their buying of the .mobi domain for Narnia.  Their claim is that he is using it for cyber-squatting rather than being a present for an 11 year old boy who is a big fan.

“We were amazed the domain name was still free and snapped it up for Comrie, who is a big fan of the Narnia books,” said Saville-Smith. “The people from CS Lewis must have realised they missed it, and now they want it back. They are trying to bully us into handing over our little boy’s present with lawyers and legal threats. But we … don’t take kindly to this kind of intimidation, we’re not backing down.”

Methinks somebody is getting an earful in the Narnia domain registration department as well. Its a shame that the estate has apparently decided to go the WIPO route rather than negotiate from something that appears to be their mistake.

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