Re-reading Enid Blyton

Caitlin Moran has posted a blog item on reading children’s fiction to her child and rediscovering some gems, particularly Enid Blyton. (I did once try to read Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit to Mia but being a cat she wanted to chew the book so that was the end of that.) I have to say I quite like reading some of Enid Blyton’s school stories, you can comfortably disengage brain and enjoy the school day jinks.

She does have a point in that there are issues discussed in the books about image and behaviour. One can see that she does tackle image and behaviour but its not in an in-depth way. It is a little realistic and not forced (but very of its time).

This is something that I’ve noticed in reading children’s fiction. It engages with the real so tremendously that yes, in some cases, it needs to get away because it would be too much eventually. Blake’s experience does this to you.

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