NY Times on Brian Selznick’s obsessions

Brian Selznick, whose The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Amazon) won the Caldecott Medal earlier this month, is that wonderful of beings: the slightly off-centre obsessed geek and it shows in his great novel. Hugo Рan orphan, thief and clockmaker Рlives in the train station in Paris in anonymity when he meets a mysterious girl and a stall holder and his life is put into jeopardy. The result is a smorgasbord of drawing and cracking story telling which draws from the filmmakers, George Meli̩s and Fran̤ois Truffaut.
The New York Times have just run an article on him and it almost makes me want to jump onto a plane and go to NY to talk to him! He talks about his interest in George Meliés, the books genesis and blowing out a lecture by Maurice Sendak.

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