Michael Morpurgo on teaching literacy in schools

Holy cow, the Telegraph has an article that I actually agree with. They are running a list of 100 books that they think children should be read and Michael Morpurgo, the ex-Children’s Laureate, has an article about why schools are failing to teach reading. As he points out, there’s no point in teaching children to read if parents do not help at home.

For one reason or another, and I suspect that this is true of most people who read though not all, my parents encouraged me to read whilst young. Various school teachers encouraged reading as well but gradually the cuture changed and it was no longer fashionable. I read anyway and still do, it is just added to by visual media and the Internet. Perhaps we need to find ways of involving reading in new media and not be shy about trying to bring reading to a wider number of people using new technology.

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