The wheel spins on the alethiometer – reviews of the Golden Compass

The alethiometer may tell us who is not telling the truth but it looks like a start of mixed bag reviews for the Golden Compass. The theme seems to be that the film world isn’t as rich narratively as the book world, something that I think was always going to be the case.

The Times is distinctly underwhelmed but the Guardian enjoys it but comments “You’re just plunged straight into the action and have to get used to this bewildering, exotic new universe as best you can. The effect is interesting and alienating, though the tiniest bit more absurd than I think Philip Pullman would have intended.”

I’m hoping to have a good time when I go and see it but I’ve never expected it to be as good or rich as the books but different. In my mind, if Weitz gets the narrative to stand up without recourse to CGI then that’s a good thing and the best that we might get.

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