French authorities arrest a team who repaired a 150 year old clock

I wish I’d seen this before but BoingBoing has this link to a Times article and a Guardian piece on the exploits of les UX, an underground (quite literally) group of people who hold cultural events in the most unlikely of places. Since the discovery of a cinema, the French authorities have been ordered to arrest them.
A cell (since the group is broken up into cells) broke into a museum, set up a workshop and repaired for free a 150 year old clock and then got out again to be arrested for breaking and entering. It seems insane that a group of people who care enough about culture to do these stunts or exploits or good things (depending on your point of view) are being harrassed for giving a damn about culture and art. Whilst I don’t hold with breaking the law, surely the gratis repair of an antique to fully working order (which the security guards missed for a year!) outweighs this? The group is currently working on another piece though this has, for bovious reasons, been kept secret.
As a society, we cannot afford to ignore culture and to arrest people engaged with promoting art is bats. Completely barking. As Mr Kunstmann, the spokeman for the Untergunther (the cell responsibly for the escapade) commented, “We could go down in legal history as the first people ever to be prosecuted for repairing a clock”.

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