Realising imaginary worlds

Erica Wagner of the Times has hit the nail firmly on the head, in my view, in her article on the forthcoming Golden Compass film and the assertion that she has already seen the film in her own mind though her imagination. That’s something that Pullman has managed – along with Lewis, Tolkien and Le Guin. Whenever I think of Narnia, I think of the line illustrations in the paperbacks I read over twenty years ago not the delightly nuts (though not psychotic enough) Tilda Swinton of the film version.
Perhaps that’s the real issue with films of books – we’ve got our own versions of characters running around in our heads. (though in my case, I hear Alan Rickman when I read Snape in Harry Potter). Amanda Craig writes in her article on imaginary worlds “A gifted writer makes the mundane magical and the magical mundane. We believe in everything they tell us because the ultimate magic is to make us think that what they describe is true”.

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