Romulus and Remus cave discovered

Archaeologists are claiming to have found the cave the Romulus and Remus were suckled in by the she-wolf (the Guardian has a video here). I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad really. I liked the myth and its large smattering of implausibility but how it drove the early Romans to get on with it (though admittedly in all the find things that they did for Europe they also committed some horrible ones).

Can the reality ever live up to the legend and should it?

How upset would the apple cart be if we found traces of the hidden cave wherein Arthur is said to lie, let alone a grave stone conveniently say “Here lies Arthur – told him it wan’t a flesh wound”. (Though perhaps with far less sarcasm.) The driving power of the myth is their malleability and their (im)possibility.

Does this suggest a loss of faith in the fantastic? Do we need to nail everything down that badly in reality to cope with it?

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