Stardust – the fairy tale which sort of behaves

I saw Stardust film on Friday night pretty much straight after work and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was glad that it did not attempt to be the book which would have been disastrous but captured the essence of it instead.

In part it was like Rossetti’s Goblin Market with plenty of fairy fruit that one shouldn’t touch in the shape of some great acting (although I got fed up with Ricky Gervais after 30 seconds) and a wonderful fairy market set. As you’d expect from a Gaiman project there are lots of little references to other films such as Lord of the Rings, Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean and Hellraiser 3.
Radio Four’s Film Programme had an interview with Gaiman in which he mused on Beowulf (trailers here) and the making of Stardust and his reasons for being a producer. In all it was a gamble which was worth trying and the film stands up on its own but leaves the book instact fr those who have nt read it yet (and if nt, why not?).

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