Tachyon goes New Weird

Tachyon are publishing Jeff and Ann Vandermeer’s anthology on the New Weird in February 2008. SF Scope’s publication details don’t fill me with much hope. The interviews and authors who I’ve spoken with have all mentioned literary ancestor’s such as William Hope Hodgson, HP Lovecraft and other Weird authors but these seem to be missing from this anthology. Hmm, I had high hopes.

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  1. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Who wants an antho full of stuff already widely available elsewhere? You can go out and buy yourself some lovecraft and hodgson and set it side-by-side with the antho, if you like, but that’s too far back to go for an antho of this nature.


  2. Iain says:

    Jeff – I’m interested in literary history – a personal foible. I’m curious about where moments fit in to the whole, if they do, and challenges to it.

    You’re right, if you want the weird authors, there are plenty of collections around from Gollancz, Nightshade and second hand. Some are good, some are not.

    First impressions struck me as another hash of “does NW exist?” – a conversation that endlessly goes around – in the essays. I’ve not read them so I don’t know.

    Looking forward to reading them and the stories.

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