Heroes comes to Earth

Yippee… The BBC have managed to secure first options on all seasons after season 2 of Heroes from NBC Universal. Of all the terrestrial channels, the BBC are the only ones who have made any commitment to regular hours (Channel 4 really screw up Smallville on Sundays (and what’s with the idiot presenters as well?)) and decent editing if necessary (Channel 4 again with Angel). Since the ending of Buffy they’ve lost their way somewhat but perhaps the ongoing success of Doctor Who has made them change their minds (though they did miss the boat on Battlestar Galacatica).

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2 Responses to Heroes comes to Earth

  1. Ed says:

    Maybe the rumoured £400,000 per episode they paid for season 2 scored them points.

  2. Iain says:

    Probably but I’d rather the BBC paid the money than say ITV or Channel Four in terms of the way that show is presented. Neither of the other two channels, in my view, have actually guaged the intelligence of the audience at all terretrially (though the Freeview channels appear more at ease with themselves and genre).

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