The yellow brick road gets twistier?

Slice of SciFi reports that Warner have picked up the rights to the Oz books for future film development. Screenwriter Josh Olson and Mcfarlane toys/Spawn creator Todd Mcfarlane(Company link, Wikipedia) are hatching plans. Mcfarlane released the twisted Alice toys a few years ago (Alice in bondage, Toto as a warthog and, if I remember correctly, a steampunky Wizard) which were clearly aimed at adults but Olson is looking to be more in keeping with the mainstream idea.

Somehow, between the two a compromise will be made that will update and probably bring out the darker side of Oz which is certainly in the books (though I do have to question whether it will bring out the nascent feminism that is also there). I’m probably alone in this but I really don’t like the film adaptations that have come through so far, they are too saccharine for my tastes and I don’t like musicals.

I pray that something decent will come out of it but somehow I doubt it.

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