Dislocated at Recombination

Having signed up a year ago, Recombination very nearly overtook me. I haven’t been back to Cambridge (bar a quick meeting) for about fifteen years but it hasn’t changed much at all. I met up with Ian Whates of Newcon Press who was launching disLocations (of which more in the next couple of days). I made the fatal error of going to the panel on children’s literature only to be cornered and instead of listening to the conversation, I ended up as part of the panel (thanks to Farah – though I’ll be picking up her recommendations on Oisin McGann). It was one of those conversations where you cannot remember everything but there was some good thought and I came away thinking of new approaches to my own thinking.
The day ended up being cut short as I wanted to see my parents in the fairly nearby Peterborough (well its closer than Oxford!) but it was a great day out. I hope that the Belfast bid wins for next year as it was fun to see new people and just chill out.

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3 Responses to Dislocated at Recombination

  1. I’m only guessing, but I’m fairly sure that link attached to Redemption is not the link you are looking for…

  2. Eddie Cochrane says:

    Perhaps you meant Recombination? Since that was just held at Cambridge this past weekend. Redemption isn’t until February ’09, not that we aren’t grateful for the publicity of course.

  3. Iain says:

    I said I was dislocated. Yes, it was Recombination.
    Memo to self: don’t try to write whilst falling asleep.

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