Doctor Who and its attractions

The Guardian’s Arts and Entertainment blog has a post about the attraction of Doctor Who for actors given the recently quashed rumour of James Nesbit being the next Doctor. Now apparently Sir Ben Kingsley might be up for Davros (or should that be Sir Davros?). Doctor Who, it seems, has seeped back into popular consciousness and it wold be a shame to see recycled story lines hamper this.
I have to wonder how many times we can see the Daleks and perhaps a big name actor might take it to a new level with Davros. I enjoyed seeing the Doctor face up to the Master and the ending of the last series was ambiguous enough that he might come back.

I hope that the next season sees the excellent writing carrying on (and yes, it does have some duff episodes like every series) and that the vaunted changes at the top don’t affect the show too much.

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