Comics and women

The fab Forbidden Planet blog has posted this link from a bit of the Guardian I haven’t got around to reading in full yet. Ned Beauman’s article on the sexism on comics is bang on the nail and its a crying shame that it carries on with such abandon. Joss Whedon, Warren Ellis (Beauman mention Brian Michael Bendis) have shown that you can write great comic books with women being treated as well, people. Not fetishistic sex objects.

How about it? Why not challenge the companies and books involved by not buying them and raising your actual voice in letters and online.  Just a thought. I’m not a spotty faced teenager waiting for these but a grown up who’d like to read good stories and characters, not some one handed books.

I’ll start by making sure that none of the comics that I regularly get have these in (they tend not anyhow) and cancel any that start going this way from my following month’s orders.

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2 Responses to Comics and women

  1. Lisa says:

    Buy comics that are good. Don’t buy comics that aren’t. Forget about collecting. Forget about having to follow a character even though the story isn’t any good any more. That’s the best way to show the publishers what we like and don’t like.

    And take action:

  2. Iain says:

    I need to sort out what I want to keep anyhow but as you say what we buy and don’t buy talks louder.

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