The Thief with No Shadow is Emily Gee’s debut novel and, whilst not being a great Romance reader, I found this to be a fun read.

Melke is a wraith, an individual born with the ability to become invisible. She becomes a thief but her theft brings her more trouble than she bagained. Rescued by Bastian, a cursed lord, and his sister, she and her brother are gradually brought back to heath. Individually they need to come to terms with themselves and to right their own wrongs.

Gee has written an intriguing Romance which almost acts as a feminist fantasy. She creates a wonderfully strong character who clearly dominates the book but seems unsure of where she ought to go after that which is a real pity. It is clearly the women of the world who power it along in the arid land.

Gee’s debut is more than a worthwhile read (with some odd sex) and I look forward to seeing what else she can produce.

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