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The Magazine of Fantasy and SF is giving away a certain number of copies of the September issue to bloggers to cover. The terms are:

1) Go to our “Contact Us” page: http://www.sfsite.com/fsf/contact.htm

2) Tell us where to mail your copy of the issue.

3) Receive the issue and blog about it. Naturally, we prefer if you read the issue before blogging about it, but I’m just insisting that you blog about it. (Last time we tried this promotion, people mistakenly thought they should blog about the magazine in order to receive the new issue. No. The idea is to blog about this issue, even if the whole blog entry is short. So instead of blogging “The cover sucks,” you’re supposed to write “The cover OF THE SEPTEMBER 2007 ISSUE sucks.”)

4) Send us a link to your blog.

They will be posting to their message board once copies run out but I think this is a great idea. F&SF is  one of the few short story magazines that I pick up when I see a copy and more  people realy ought to read it. I realy hope that other magazines will occasionally do this  and  encourage more readers to find new voices not in book form. Of course it is shamlesss promotion for them but I give them full credit for trying to get new readers. 

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