The mechanics of illusion

Illusionist imageI caught up with the The Illusionist yesterday and its once of those films that takes it time to seep in. Like The Prestige, it concerns itself with the mechanics of illusion though it never reveals its best work.

It is also far less baroque than Nolan’s film, revelling in its simplicity.

What really intrigued me about both is the idea of fantasy as, essentially, a sleight of hand. The trick is often put in plain sight but  the required suspension of disbelief blinds the normally rational into believing the irrational. The portryal of Uhl chasing the Orange Tree trick but allowing himself to be blindsided to the real illusion.

Perhaps fantasy is illusion on the writer’s part. It may not be the direct creation of the world but something similar or equally as obvious?

I definitely recommend the film though and will be coming back to it after rewatching the Prestige.

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