Mad Ginger People in the Wilderness

ginger snaps back coverJust saw Ginger Snaps Back which was on the box last night. Its kind of nice to catch up with that little series again, certainly after seeing Katharine Isabelle in Supernatural a couple of weeks ago. Despite being the third film, this was the prequel film.

I’d forgotten how much of an update that the tale was of the madwoman in the attic theory. Instead of having the woman sealed in the attic, the girls are on the borders of Canada before being locked into the fort. Although the sisters are bitten, I’ve always had the sense that Ginger would have gone dotty anyhow. Isabelle gives that kind of performance.

However the shades of evil are disturbed by the priest and the fort commander who is trying to protect his son.

Though it plays with stereotypes, the human performances make this series special. There’s always a sense that the girls are being teenagers – a little like film versions of Poppy Brite or Kathe Koja’s novels of the early nineties.  The series is like watching the two people go entirely insane slowly but surely and not just through the auspices of werewolves.

Definitely a series to watch again though.

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