Guardian on sf

Gareth McLean has an interesting article on the Guardian website, though a little incoherent, on tv sf (which predictably is called sci-fi all the way through) arguing the Battlestar Galactica is leading a new generation of shows into a darker era whilst travelling through the stars. He notes that sf is somewhat more political in tone but that has always been there.

I suspect it wasn’t Battlestar Galactica that kicked this off but more likely to be the rampant success of Buffy and the undertones therein about contemporary suburban American politics (as well as being a darn good soap). Perhaps it is a vehicle for the liberal media to get some weight off their chests as well as do the obvious: remake the originals as they wanted them to be. I’ll be really curious to see whether the shows now are remade in the future and what they’d be like.

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