Eerie happenings in the corner of my eye

I’ve just read Anne Sudworth’s new book, Gothic Fantasies

Having seen a few of these works on jacket covers - particularly Storm Constantine – or hanging on walls, it is a pleasure to see how the works are so finely reproduced. There is a scattering of text but the bulk of the book is her art and it has been beautifully laid out. The book is presented as some art books really ought to be – as a gallery in one’s hand.

One gets the sense that there is a fantasy world peaking out of the corner of the painting, as if the pastel world was shielding us from the fantastic behind it. Somehow the eerie wants to make itself known but it is afraid to do so or we are repressing it as a viewer. Her landscapes are barren but her forests rich in detail, hiding Puckish characters. Even then, you get the sense of majesty that seeing a full hanging painting of hers conveys.

There is a brief introduction which would have be great if it was a little longer, perhaps going through how she composes her art. I’m not sure what the snippets of text throughout represent though – her own thoughts on the art or their stories? It is hard to tell and a little distracting.

Anne is however a great artist whose work is a joy to view and return to at  a later date. AAPL must be congratulated on puttig out such a fine art book which serves as a lasting item of joy.

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