Getting to Know You – David Marusek reviewed

I’m reading Getting to Know You, David Marusek’s collection of short fiction, and it really is a must read. There are only thirteen stories, his entire output, yet each one shows a writer getting to grips with his craft.

The Wedding Album is a fantastic story of AIs and cloning. He brings a humanity to the proceedings and draws out the often ignored consquences of creating clones. Humour shines through Yurek Retz, an epistolary short story, which really ought to make you laugh. An out and out hoot certainly comes from the short published in Nature, My Morning Glory, a sweet 800 word piece.
His adopted home of Alaska is the background to Yurek Retz and also The Earth is on the Mend which is about the environment and humanity.

I’m still going through it but there are shorts which make up the notepad for the wonderful Counting Heads.

David Marusek interviewed

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