Arrr, my backside was numb but my cockles warmed…

Three hours of Pirates of the Caribbean and yes, I had a distinct lack of feeling. Anyhow (apart from the last an hour which could have shorter), I distinctly enjoyed it.

I got to thinking as the Pearl and Dutchman came together that perhaps it works as a fantasy because it maintains the essential truth of the relationship between the captain and the goddess. The more I thought about only Will could take over the Dutchman since he was the only one who had a human love rather than Sparrow or Barbossa who only love the sea and adventure. Both Calypso and Davey Jones are ultimately damned because they can never be truly together but instead need to make the best of the one day in ten years and must attend to their duty in between times.

It is a film worth watching with the brain largely switched off. Great sets and the ships were gorgeous.

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