Beowulf movie game

Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary’s version of Beowulf has been turned into a compter game by Ubisoft. Roger Zemeckis, the director, commented: ” ‘Beowulf’ is particularly well-suited for the video game format. Not only does the film have a compelling story and string visual style that will translate well into a game, but because the film is entirely digital, we are able to share our assets with Ubisoft”. I’m certianly looking forward to this version of the story which I hope continues the tale’s popularity after Seamus Heaney’s fantastic retelling. I’m also a big fan of Neil’s work so I hope that this will continue the same high standards of storytelling.

The film stars Ray Winstone, Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins and John Malkovich. Both the film and game are espected in November of this year.

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