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Fan fiction isn’t something that I’m terrirbly interested in per se (but in my previous life was sort of involved in). Making Light has a piece on FanLib, a new company whose pitch to industry is to set up a site where users can write fan fiction (within strict guidelines) and so be harnessed, it appears, as viral marketing.

Now this seems to me to be missing point of fanfiction where by if somebody is enthusiastic enough to write within the world then they’ll do this anyway. Monetising it for the site rather than the user seems to be missing the point somewhat and will ultimately stifle the free flow of “creation”. I doubt Spock and Kirk’ll be getting it together somehow on the boards.

The owner has apparently been asking for clemency from the fan community as he is trying to build a site and only has 10 employees. Hmmm…. Trying to make money from somebody else’s enthusiasm and wondering why a backlash has occurred? The site’s about us promotes the view of a happy community but is it really honest with the users? Perhaps the owners should think about this in depth and not cry foul if they are called out.

Ultimately it is not his creation or subcreation that is being touted but the work of others.

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